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Vår Story

LuFu skapades under hösten 2020 av en grupp på fyra studenter medan de läste till sin masterexamen i Entreprenörskap och Innovation på Lunds Universitet. 

Med sina asiatiska rötter lyckades Yves övertyga resten av oss till att dela hans kärlek för lupinbönan. Detta blev startskottet på vårt gemensamma uppdrag, att skapa goda, lokalodlade och hållbara bönbaserade produkter för den svenska marknaden. Produkter som riktar sig mot svenska kunder som vill leva hälsosamt samtidigt som dem värnar om vår planet. Efter flera konversationer och diskussioner, kaffekoppar och goda skratt, så var det tydligt att vi alla hade olika styrkor och förmågor som kompletterade varandra samtidigt som vi alla delade liknande värderingar och mål. Framförallt delar vi ett starkt driv bakom ambitionen att leverera morgondagens mat hem till dig!

För närvarande är vi baserade i Lund. 

The Dream Bean Team

Karl Yves Vallin


Chief Executive Officer

Yves, our jack of all trades, is the brain behind LuFu. Originally from Indonesia, Yves has a strong interest in ethnic food and passion to introduce it to the European market. Yves has extensive work experience in project management, human resources, as well as prior experience in starting new ventures and organisational development consulting firms across Asia and Europe.

He also has a MSc Psychology from Lund University. Prior to LuFu, Yves worked in a tech-education startup providing affordable education for children in Thailand.  Now, Yves can be seen busy in the LuFu kitchen, experimenting in a quest to create delicious and tasty lupin bean products.

Jacqueline Rohde Mohr


Chief Marketing Officer

Jacqueline is a Danish foodie who is our sales and marketing queen. Studying a BSc in International Sales and Marketing from Copenhagen Business Academy has enabled her to accumulate several years of work experience in marketing and branding. Her creative mind and years of knowledge about the food and beverage industry has led her to previously work as a freelance consultant helping small startups develop their brand to gain higher customer satisfaction.

At LuFu, Jacqueline ensures that we have an active online community on our social media channels. Her epic graphic design skills are also essential in helping us to create an eye-catching brand.

Nicholas Kelly


Chief Technical Officer

With half Swedish/Australian roots, Nicholas is our finance and tech whizz. He has a BSc in Business & Economics from Uppsala University and has comprehensive work experience within accounting and finance after working as an audit associate and financial controller within different business sectors.

He also has founded his own company that operates in the online sales and marketing sector, which has given him valuable insights on how to start a business in Sweden. Ultimately, LuFu wouldn’t operate without his super behind-the-scenes skills.

Hannah Baker


Chief Operations Officer

From Wales, Hannah is all about social sustainability. Hannah has a BSc in Occupational Therapy from Cardiff University and QCF Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development. She has extensive local and overseas work, study and volunteer experiences across the health and social care industry. With over 70+ cookbooks, Hannah is a food enthusiast, spending much of her spare time experimenting in the kitchen and watching cooking programmes.

At LuFu, Hannah helps us keep on track to deliver our mission and maintain the people side of the business through engaging content.

As a team, we are committed to bringing you the food of tomorrow!